Is your menu Halal ?
Yes, our menu is Halal. The chicken offered in our locations is specially prepared for us by our certified providers.
Are there any gluten-free options on your menu?
Yes, we have numerous gluten-free options. By visiting a location or by consulting our nutrition calculator, you’ll find all the information you need about that. It is important you know that most of the ingredients are prepared or manipulated in the same place. Cross-contamination is so always possible.
Where can I find the nutritional information of your menu ?
The nutritional information is available directly in our nutrition calculator.
Where can I find the allergens information about your menu ?
All the allergens information can be found in our nutrition calculator. They’re also displayed at the counter of each of our locations.
Do you have any vegetarian and vegan options ?
Yes. All our meals are offered in a vegetarian version (without chicken). For the rest, since you can choose all your toppings yourself, you can make a vegan meal by selecting the convenient ingredients to you. The only exception is the poutine. We don’t have a vegan poutine.
Are all your meals spicy ?
No. We have more options that are mild than we have that are spicy. If you desire to get more information about our different options, don’t hesitate to visit one of our locations or you can go to the “Order” section of our website where you’ll be able to simulate an order to see all the possibilities given to you.
Is it possible to buy some of your sauces and marinades ?
Until now, we do not offer our sauces and marinades in bulk. We are working to make such a thing possible, however, our preparations are not yet complete. If you’d like to buy some, you can always ask to our partners-franchisees in locations and they’ll be happy to offer some solutions for you.
Is it possible to buy raw pieces of your chicken ?
No. Several rules need to be respected concerning the sale of raw meat and our expertise is not there. However, it is always possible to buy pieces of cooked chicken fillets to satisfy your need.
Where can I find your menu ?
There are several ways to find it. Obviously, by visiting one of our locations, you’ll find our menu displayed there. If you don’t want to move from where you are, you can always find our menu on our delivery partners (Uber Eats and Doordash), on our app (Poulet Rouge) or, finally, on our website under the “Menu” section. You can even simulate an order to be able to see all the options offered to you for every meal.
I never receive the same number of pieces at each visit. Is it normal ?
Since the chicken pieces brought to us by our providers can vary in size from one time to the next, our teams must regularly adjust them to what they receive. When their size is adequate, the portion given to you will be as presented. However, when their size is smaller than usual, our staff will add one or even sometimes two pieces to compensate with the size to make sure that our customers always receive the portion they are paying for.
Do you offer delivery service ?
Yes, we are offering deliveries through different partnership depending of your region. To place an order, you can visit the “Order” section of our website and select the “Delivery” option of the location of your choice.
There’s a mistake in my delivery order/online order. What can I do ?
We are sincerely sorry for that. First, you can try to reach out the restaurant for our team to be able to guide you easily. If you prefer, you can also contact us through the “Contact” section to tell us your issue and a member of our team will be pleased to help you out as soon as possible.
Is it possible to customize my meal ?
Yes, all our meals can be customized. By ordering directly at the counter, our team will always give you the possibility to pick all your toppings. As for online ordering or deliveries, you can customize your meal by selecting the “Create” options of our menu.
Is it possible to place an order by phone ?
Sadly, it is extremly complicated for our team to guarantee that the order will be prepared well or in time. If you desire to place an order in advance, we recommend that you use our online ordering system with our application “Poulet Rouge” or directly through our website in the “Order” section.
Are you catering ?
No, we sadly don’t offer any catering service. But we work on that. Stay tuned.
Is it possible to place a group order ?
Response is yes. Select Group menu on order button.

Group of 50 people and under, you can order directly via our "online group order." We offer a 10% discount for orders of $150 and more and a 15% discount for orders of $300 and more, in delivery only.

Group of 50 people. and more
it is best to contact the branch in question beforehand so that we can organize everything at your convenience. You can also take advantage of a discount.
Do you offer gift card ?
Yes, our gift card can be bought at the counter of each of our location.
Do you have a loyalty program ?
Yes. We are offering freely our loyalty card to all our customers in each of our locations. If it hasn’t been offered to you yet, you can ask it during your next visit and it will be given to you without problem.
How does your loyalty program work ?
Our loyalty program is an advantageous point accumulation program. At each of your visit, you must present your card to receive an amount of points equal to the total of your bill before taxes. Those points can then be used on your next visits to either obtain discounts on your next order or simply to pay your entire order. A total of 100 points give you access to a 5$ discount. It is important to know that to redeem your points, you must activate your card with your application or directly on the website indicated behind it. To obtain more information, don’t hesitate to ask our team in locations and one of their members will be pleased to help you out.
I lost my loyalty card. Is it possible to retrieve my points ?
Yes, it is ! To do it, it is however necessary to have activated and registered it to your account for us to be able to find it without its number. You’ll have to communicate with us with our form on FAQ page.
How can I know the balance on my gift card ?
To do so, you can visit one of our location and ask the cashier to verify the balance of your card or you can enter the card number here to see your balance.
How can I know the points total on my loyalty card ?
Really simple. Download our Poulet Rouge’s app or visit the sign page and you’ll be able to register your card directly on your phone. Like that, you’ll always have your points total one finger away. Also, your total is always written on each of your receipt during your visit. Finally, you can always ask to one of our team members during your visit and they’ll be able to help you.
How can I get information about your franchises ?
To get that information, you can visit the “Franchise” section of our website. You’ll find a formula that you’ll have to fill up if you desire to. Once done, this formula will be sent to the person in charge of the development that should communicate with you at an appropriate time.
Where are you located ?
The majority of our locations are inside of malls and some of them have their own storefront. To get the list of all our locations and their site, you can visit the “Store locator” section of our website and you’ll find there all the information you need to answer your questions.
Are you a canadian company ?
Yes, we are. Our company was founded in Joliette, Quebec, and never stop growing since then. To learn more about us, you should visit our “About” section where you’ll find more information on us.
How can I know if you will open soon in my region ?
To stay tune about our next openings, you can follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok. We are always publishing news about the new locations to come.
Are you hiring ?
Our franchisees are always looking for new talents to add to their team. Even if some of our locations have completed teams, we are taking all the candidates interested to work with us. If you want to apply, fill the form on career page and we’ll be happy to forward your application to the persons in charge of the locations in your region.
Miscellaneous :
If you can’t find the answer you are looking for, don’t hesitate to communicate with us through the “Contact” section of our website to submit your question and a member of our team will be pleased to help you as soon as possible.
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