What Sets Us


Our tasty grilled chicken bowls are prepared to your liking before your eyes and are brimming with real fresh ingredients: Canadian halal chicken fillets, nutritious whole grains, crunchy vegetables and delectable flavours. We are redefining what quality tastes like, sounds like and looks like!

We strive to connect with our customers and make a real difference in our communities, all while reducing our ecological footprint, one bowl at a time.

Poulet Rouge is good IN EVERY WAY! Good for the body, the mind, the community and the planet.
We believe
little things
make a
We believe that love is in the details.
We believe in making each day better than the last.
Each day is a new chance to make someone happy.
A little story about us
Poulet Rouge began in 2012 when two ambitious young friends launched a small restaurant at Galeries Joliette. Soon, they realized their concept was not in line with their vision.

In 2014, the company made a 180-degree shift and reviewed its brand image. It simplified its menu to focus on its tender grilled chicken fillets, marinated IN a secret family recipe. THE RESTAURANT HAS BEEN ON THE PATH TO SUCCESS EVER SINCE.

Innovation is part of Poulet Rouge's DNA. In 2017, the company created its distinctive concept: grilled chicken fillets topped with A CHOICE OF 4 TASTY sauces and served in customizABLE healthy bowls. Since then, our competitors have tried reproducing our concept, but the Poulet Rouge experience is inimitable.

Today, thanks to you, Poulet Rouge is expanding rapidly in Canada! Every month, hundreds of thousands of you visit and encourage us.

Thank you for JOINING us on this journey!
Here’s What
Lights Our Fire
What does Chicken Grilled With Love mean? It’s a promise that everything we do, from farm to fork, serves to better our community, our team members, our customers, and our world. Because when you love something, it shows.
We are making tremendous efforts to protect the planet! Bowls, lids, utensils; all our packaging is compostable. That is the new way to eat on the go without guilt!

We help tomorrow's leaders reach their full potential! Thanks to our sponsorships, students get a little boost that could take them far in life. We also give our employees a
chance to open their own
Poulet Rouge franchise!

Health & wellness
Eating better and being more active is vital! We support various sports clubs and events to encourage people to challenge themselves and have fun through physical activity.

associations, organizations, events: we are an accomplice to your memorable moments, thanks to our sponsorships, discounts, gift cards and free grilled chicken bowls!

We believe we can change the world by changing how we eat. That includes the ingredients in our food, the packaging it comes in, and the way we treat the people who produce it.

Using only fresh, first-rate ingredients, we make sure each meal is nutritious, flavourful and of the highest quality.

Our food is served in 100% compostable packaging materials, and we will continue our efforts to further reduce plastic waste by carefully selecting vendors and suppliers.

We believe our team can make it happen. People are at their best when they feel respected and free to express themselves. That's why we always strive to provide a supportive work environment and opportunities for growth at every step of your career.
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