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It’s not always easy to be healthy on the go. Poulet Rouge offers a healthy alternative to fast food for busy people who want to eat well in a hurry: delicious, customizable meals made with fresh, high-quality ingredients, served in generous portions by friendly people at an affordable price. While many restaurants are willing to sacrifice quality for greater profit, at Poulet Rouge we are committed to continuously improve our products, build relationships with our customers, and have a real impact on local communities, all while minimizing our environmental footprint – one bowl at a time.
We believe
little things
make a
We believe that love is in the details.
We believe in making each day better than the last.
Each day is a new chance to make someone happy.
A little story about us
In 2012, two ambitious young friends set out to start their own restaurant and bring tasty food to hungry people. They rushed in headlong and opened their doors within months. We’d like to say it was an immediate success, but we’re honest, so we won’t. It was, in fact, a total failure.

But failure is the greatest teacher. Thanks to their (many) mistakes, our founders learned the ins and outs of every detail of the fast casual business—and how to handle it all with the utmost care and integrity. SINCE 2016, POULET ROUGE HAS BEEN GROWING RAPIDLY – bringing love to the world one bite at a time.
Our chicken is halal and sourced from Canadian farms with no antibiotics or hormones added.

Each delicious, juicy chicken strip is marinated and coated in one of our four flavours: BBQ Fusion, Hercule, Shisha & Volcano.

Passed down through generations, our family recipes give your taste buds a fresh, exciting treat unlike any other.
Poulet Rouge MEANS
Chicken Grilled With Love
We believe we can change the world by changing how we eat. That includes the ingredients in our food, the packaging it comes in, and the way we treat the people who produce it.

Using only fresh, first-rate ingredients, we make sure each meal is nutritious, flavourful and of the highest quality.

Our food is served in 100% compostable packaging materials, and we will continue our efforts to further reduce plastic waste by carefully selecting vendors and suppliers.

We believe our team can make it happen. People are at their best when they feel respected and free to express themselves. That's why we always strive to provide a supportive work environment and opportunities for growth at every step of your career.
Here’s What
Lights Our Fire
What does Chicken Grilled With Love mean? It’s a promise that everything we do, from farm to fork, serves to better our community, our team members, our customers, and our world. Because when you love something, it shows.
We believe that great food served in a friendly environment in which compassion prevail, can really make a difference. Our customers can eat healthy and our team can thrive in a culture that truly cares for them. Everybody wins!
No hidden filler ingredients. No hidden agenda. Our food is made with ingredients you can pronounce. Our mission is to support local communities and provide not just jobs, but careers.
Love is better when it’s shared. A good meal can bring friends and family together, but an important cause can unite the world.
We encourage and make space for our team members to express themselves, because we know that’s how to do the work that matters and make a positive impact on everyone who walks through our doors.
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