Healthy and well balanced meals in every plate.

Poulet Rouge was developed to create healthy, well-balanced meals that TASTE good and ARE good for you. We’re not your typical fast food place. We offer a huge variety of vegetables, whole grains, and grilled chicken flavours to meet all the body’s essential needs – always affordable and always available. Check out our menu for a complete list of options.

What Makes Us So Special?

Healthy and TASTY.
Made with only farm-fresh ingredients.
Fresh Off the Grill.
Every meal is made fresh to order for optimum taste and temperature.
No Antibiotics or Hormones. Ever.
Only pure, natural proteins the way nature intended.


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Avoid long lines
Perfection takes time – get yours sooner by skipping the line. Less waiting – more eating!
Order in advance and save time
Your cravings shouldn’t have to wait. Order on the app so you can grab your meal and get straight to business.

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